Starting Next Year, Microsoft Will Try To Compete With iTunes On iOS With Xbox Music App


  • manolis

    If anyone from Microsoft hearing, give us ALSO the choice to buy lossless albums 24-bit or even better, at a prenium price. Make a catalog bigger than iTunes. Combine the stores of Europe (It’s kinda messy in iTunes right now). Make a hardware capable to produce really good sound. I’d pay 1000$ day one.

    P.S. Additional, give the songs extremely correct tagging(composers, names, lyrics etc.)

    Am I dreaming?

  • extra_medium

    ITunes + spotify is exactly what zune is now. I pay $14 a month and download as much as I want. I’ll take that “failure to compete” over .99 per track without thinking twice. The sad thing is you sound like you would too, if it only came with an apple logo on it instead of Microsoft.

    Through a bit of creativity I even use it on my Mac, and put the songs on my iPod.

    These articles are written as if you’re an apple employee. If the service is better, the service is better. There’s no need to dismiss alternatives as useless because they are not as popular commercially as itunes. Unless you just get some kind of thrill out of giving as much of your money to apple as possible while hoping they make itunes more like the product you’re making fun of, use the one that makes the most sense.

  • iSteve

    Please MS dont pull out another piece of shit coz the world is already full of your shit and Apple is clearing the mess to make it a better world to live. So please release in 1000 years. Please

  • mrchrisrobinson

    in fairness to Microsoft, talking as a recent Apple convert (yay!) – Zune Pass acted as an ad-free streaming service anyway, to Zune software, Windows Phones and the Xbox 360. Downloading the music was never COMPLETELY essentials, as the smart dj function would create a playlist based on a song in your library, much like Genius, and any music it found which wasn’t already in your library would be automatically streamed to your device.

  • AuricBelly

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