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Apple Brings Shared Reminders To Web App



Users of OS X Mountain Lion have been able to share reminders with other users since the new OS was released, but now Apple is giving users the ability to share their reminders even when they’re not on a Mac.

An update to iCloud’s Reminders app has added the Shared Reminders ability for users, making iOS 6 the only Reminders portal that can’t share reminders with other users.

To share a reminder, first log in to your account, then go to the Reminders app. On the left side you can hover over the “Reminders” section and a Wifi type signal image will appear. Click on the new signal and then you will be prompted to enter the email address of the party you wish to share the reminder with.

There’s no word on when the iOS 6 app will gain the Shared Reminder ability, but we imagine Apple will include it in an update in the future.