iPod Nano Clip Adds Clip To New Nano


Say what you want about the stupid, impossible-to-control previous generation iPod Nano, but don’t say its clip wasn’t useful.

If you wanted to clip your tie to your shirt whilst making both of them sag thanks to the extra weight, or if you wanted to go jogging and have the heavy little block of aluminum and glass pull at and eventually drop off your t-shirt sleeve, then the old Nano was ideal.

The new one gets handy buttons and no longer looks like a Shuffle-with-a-screen, but it lacks the clip. Luckily, for $20 you can put it right back.

The case was named named — in a fit of creativity — the iPod Nano Clip, and that’s what it is. Snap it in and you get a spring-loaded clip that will let you add a small amount of weight to any bag or item of clothing, and thanks to well-placed cutaways it won’t interfere with any buttons.

Now please excuse me, as I’m off to toss some, er clothes in the washing machine so I have an excuse to buy a new Nano, and therefore a new Nano clip. Available now.

Source: Hard Candy