iTrack Solo, A Multi-Track Recording Box For Your iPad



iTrack Solo is a little box which lets you record two inputs directly into your iPad or your Mac. The aluminium unibody box has inputs for a microphone and a guitar, and outputs not only for the iPad but also for your headphones or anything that you can connect to stereo line-out plugs.

The future is totally here. Coming home on the bos yesterday, after a long weeekend away, we got delayed. I spent some of that time playing around with Garage Band on my iPad, making some crappy Bhangra/hip-hop thing from loops and drums. If I’d had the iTrack Solo, plus a guitar, and a mic, and some talent, and a USB power supply, then I could have involved the whole (fully loaded) bus with the project.

It would have been awesome, and not annoying at all.

The iTrack can be pumped straight into Garage Band, and has one very neat trick: The input gain knobs have a glowing halo which tells you if your levels are good: green for A-OK, red if you’re up too high and getting distorted.

This is exactly the kind of clever widget we want. The iPad can take care of much of what old muscic hardware used to do. We don’t want zillion-track mixers with iPad docks: we want little (and cheap — the iTrack is $200) add-ons for our mobile computers.

Source: Focusrite