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Show All Of Your Saved Website Passwords In Safari 6 [OS X Tips]


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Yesterday, we showed you how Safari 6 keeps track of the passwords you use when you visit websites that require them. They’re kept in a list in the background, so that when you connect to a secure website, you don’t have to enter in your user name or password every time. This is enabled (or disabled) in the Safari Preferences window, under the Auto-Fill tab, for some reason.

Disabling this feature makes your Mac more secure, if you are sharing the Mac or other folks have access to it. If you do use the saved password feature, however, there’s a cool little way to see what those passwords are right in Safari.

Launch Safari and then navigate to the Preferences folder, either with a Command-Comma or in the Safari menu. Now click on the Passwords tab at the top of the preferences window, and you’ll see the full list of saved website passwords that Safari has saved for you, along with the user name associated with that site. You’ll also see a password column, which is marked out as a series of dots by default.

To show the actual passwords, click on the Show Passwords checkbox at the bottom of the window. You’ll need to enter your administrator password for the Mac you’re on, and the first time you do this, you’ll have to allow several dialogs pertaining to the specific permission set for this panel, but once you do, all the dots will be replaced by the actual characters for the passwords you have saved.

Better, yet, you can delete all the saved passwords, or just some of them, with the Remove or Remove All buttons in the lower left hand side of the preference panel. There’s a search field in the upper right, as well, if you’re looking for a specific site to remove.

Via: Macworld Hints