After Just 18 Days, iPhone 5 Already Accounts For More Web Traffic Than Galaxy S III


That was fast.
That was fast.

It’s been just three weeks since the iPhone 5 started shipping, and Apple’s latest smartphones already accounts for more web traffic than the Samsung Galaxy S III, according to a new report.

It’s thought the handset’s “record-breaking sales numbers” — which have made it the fastest-selling iPhone to date — plus its “new 4G browsing speeds which encourage data usage” are just a couple reasons why the iPhone 5 is so big when it comes to web browsing.

Chitika Insights, which conducted a 7-day user agent analysis on millions of mobile ad impressions from October 3 to October 7, at which point the iPhone 5 had only been on sale for 18 days, has found that the iPhone 5 accounts for 56% of web traffic volume.

The Samsung Galaxy S III, which went on sale on May 29, more than four months ago, accounted for the remaining 44%.

Chitika concludes:

This latest shift in the mobile ecosystem is not welcome news for Samsung, which has positioned its device as a direct competitor to the iPhone 5. While optimizing online content for both devices is still the smart move for businesses targeting mobile consumers, this comparison emphasizes iPhone users still being the most active – and hence marketable – users of the mobile Web.

It’s pretty incredible to think that in just 18 days, more people were browsing the web on a iPhone 5 than they were on a Galaxy S III — which began shipping several months earlier.

However, Samsung’s hardly going to be too disappointed with its Galaxy S III, which is already its fastest-selling Android smartphone, outselling its predecessor, the Galaxy S II, with more than 100 million units sold in 100 days of availability.

Source: Chitika Insights

Via: The Next Web

  • CharilaosMulder

    That is quite an amazing feat…

  • juseph

    ehm 20 milion units shipped, not 100 milion sold :D

  • Bob Smogango

    That’s because the S III users don’t use theirs as much since they are typically in the charger getting charged.

  • Michael Reynaga

    is this only measuring these 2 devices, these aren’t the only 2 devices out there so how are making up 100% of web traffic?

    does this take into account any browser on the device? I have a GSIII and NEVER use the stock browser, I’m always using Chrome

  • dougscripts

    What kind of piechart is that where two phones make up 100% of web traffic?

  • G. Thomas Wilson

    I guess running around, flailing arms and screaming, “iPhone5 is doomed!”, hasn’t paid any dividends to speak of.

  • paulolinguini

    Too bad that Apple has no innovative news for the iphone 5, wow 4G LTE!! Samsung Galaxy S2 has had that for over a year now while Apple released the 4S with slower speeds. A year later and you guys consider this phone innovative? Try to look past the design because technology is not fashion!