Get Ready For Halloween By Checking Out These Apple-Themed Costume Ideas [Gallery]




Halloween is coming soon, which means you need a costume to show off how incredibly awesome you are. Maybe you’re still undecided and need a little bit of inspiration. When it comes to Apple-themed costumes there are a lot of great ideas out there and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make them.

We’ve rounded up some of the best Apple Halloween costumes from the past few years to help you decide what you should be. Check them out:


everyone’s kind of done this one already, but you can make an iPhone costume really easily.
you can go high-tech with your iPhone costume if you want.
Costuming as your favorite iPhone feature or app is one way to take things to the next level



if you got an old iMac laying around, why not?



An iPod costume is super easy to make and you can show off your favorite band


Group costumes are always winners


You can even spice up an iPod costume


iPod Commercial Dancers

This one’s great as a solo costume or with a group



every party needs iTunes.



If you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to dress up, you can always just tape a Siri sticker to your stomach

80’s Apple Fanboyz

Halloween is the one day were it’s totally fine to wear this stuff


Steve Jobs

just buy a black turtleneck and glasses and you’re good to go


Zombie Steve Jobs

Really embrace Halloween with a costume that’s both Apple related and scary funny