Users Complain Of ‘Green Glow’ Plaguing iPhone 5 Display


Does your iPhone 5 display glow green?

The iPhone 5’s been on sale for three weeks now, and as is always the case with a device this popular, a long list of defects is already building up. There’s Maps, of course — though that’s not really exclusive to the iPhone 5 — the purple haze that sometimes appears in photos, and the black model is susceptible to chips and scratches.

And now some users are reporting that an odd green glow, described as “plasma bleed,” is plaguing the handset’s display.

The issue has been documented on a number of forums, CNET reports, and most users find that it is most apparent when the display lights up — after waking the device from sleep. While it only appears for a split second, users say it gets worse over time.

One user on the Apple Support Communities forum writes:

Whenever I wake my iPhone there is a split second where a green glow around the edge of the screen is visible. It’s a bit like light leakage but its green and only appears for a fraction of a second after you turn on the screen. It is also sometimes activated by using the slide to unlock, which makes it glow brighter.

A member of the iMore forum has the exactly same problem:

Okay this has happened to me a few times. Mostly when I unlock to my home screen. I’ve caught, only for a second or two, the edges of my screen glow green.

Am I alone?

It’s unclear what’s causing the issue, but it doesn’t appear in screenshots, suggesting that it’s a hardware problem as opposed to a software one — as you might expect with something like this. What that means is, it can’t be fixed with a software update, and affected handsets will likely need to be replaced by Apple.

Some users report that they’ve already had their handsets replaced at the Genius Bar, while others say they were unable to replicate it at the Apple Store and were subsequently sent home with the same handset.

I haven’t been able to replicate the problem on my iPhone 5, so it’s certainly not a problem with every model. Apple introduced a new display for the iPhone 5 — one that’s thinner and lighter thanks to in-cell touch technology — and first-generation products sometimes do suffer from teething issues.

If yours is one of them, take it into Apple and see if a Genius can help. As long as you can demonstrate the problem, your iPhone should be swapped.

Apple is yet to comment on this problem, and we’re not holding our breath, either.


  • technochick

    You can’t replicate it, probably haven’t seen the issue on an ‘affected’ phone either and yet you presume to declare as fact that it is hardware.

  • grouver

    the pains of a product becoming mainstream … you pick up all sort of idiot consumers who also tend to complain about every little thing …

  • Shaun Green

    Is there anything else wrong with it??????

    I’m just waiting for EE to launch the 4G network in the UK at the end of the month before deciding whether to buy the iPhone 5 or a Galaxy S3. All these stories are really putting me off the iPhone. Are these problems widespread or are they isolated incidents? I don’t have any sense of how widespread these problems are. I know the maps issue but that can be fixed down the line with software updates but hardware faults are a different story. It’s a lot of money to me so I don’t want to buy a dud only to find that they fix all these issues with a quiet update a few months down the line.

  • BigLama

    i cnat replicate it either. i think at this point people are just finding out little problems to complain about.

  • Joe Barnickel

    Waah waah waah….. My iPhone is turning into or doing “insert your own comment”.
    If people are going to bitch bitch bitch about their new devices, then don’t upgrade.

  • extra_medium

    Waah waah waah….. My iPhone is turning into or doing “insert your own comment”.
    If people are going to bitch bitch bitch about their new devices, then don’t upgrade.

    I know right! Pay your hundreds of dollars to apple and dont dare complain. enjoy the defects for what they are: FEATURES.

  • SamuelBrock

    I’d hardly call a green glow as the screen starts up a “plague”

  • TylerHoj

    Between the pre-chipped and pre-scratched units being sent out, and this, I’m glad I decided until demand dies down. Then again, quality control is bound to be brutal on a new device millions upon millions of people want. I’m going to wait to snag an iPhone 5 at least until Apple catches up with demand.

  • hanhothi

    So it glows green for a split second. Is that really a problem? Wait a bit, take your phone in later before a year is up and change it for a nice, scratch free new one. Simple!

  • SaySssh

    What HULK is back

  • G. Thomas Wilson

    From the makers of Antenna-gate, Map-gate, Scuff-gate and Purple-Haze-Gate!


  • parodysrivas

    I’ve had 4 different iPhone 5’s (including the one I’m using right now) all replaced by Apple right away, not many questions asked and hassle free.
    I got my replacement handset number 4 delivered yesterday and I can see this is a faulty one too. Luckily the team member dealing with my case is really helpful and understanding. I have to notify him today to get this one replaced one more time.
    Wish me luck.