See What Your Friends Are Tweeting In Your Contacts App [OS X Tips]


View Tweets

Here’s a hidden little piece of OS X Mountain Lion: you can view your friends’ tweets from within the Contacts app, provided you’ve added your Twitter account to OS X, and then updated your Contacts with the social networking service. Now that Twitter is directly integrated within OS X, you can connect to the service with many different apps, like the Notification Center and Contacts.

Here’s how.

Launch System Preferences, then click on Mail, Contacts & Calendars. If you haven’t already, put in your Twitter info. Once that’s done, click on the Update Contacts… button in the lower left. OS X will connect with Twitter, find the folks you follow on the service, and add their Twitter names to their Contacts entries in your Contacts app.

Now, open your Contacts app, and find a contact in there that has a Twitter account. I just typed in Twitter into the search field to find them. Now, click on a contact, and then click on the word, “Twitter,” next to their Twitter name. You’ll see two options. One, Tweet, will send them a message on the service. Two, View Tweets, will open your Twitter client of choice and load that person’s posts about what they ate for lunch, and everythign else they’ve posted on Twitter.

Fun, right? Now, I realize that this functionality can just be done within the Twitter client, or on the webiste as well, but this is just another example of how deeply integrated the service is within Mac OS X.

Via: Wired