iPod Nano, Just Out In Stores, Already Has A Software Update


This is gonna need a fix before you can use it.
This is gonna need a fix before you can use it.

The just-released seventh generation iPod nano has just started being seen in stores and shipping from online pre-orders, but it already has a software update waiting for it. If you get a new iPod nano and plug it into iTunes to set it up and sync, you’ll likely see a new update that you’ll need to apply before you can use it.

According to iLounge, Apple has decided to update the software on the device itself to make it compatible with the latest release of iTunes, rather than the other way around. Typically, iTunes is updated before new devices like the iPhone 5 and the new iPod touch are released, making things work together in a seemingly seamless process.

The new software, version 1.0.1, lists “Support for iPod nano (7th generation)” in the feature section, which leaves us all wondering if there were any other fixes of bugs addressed. The iPod nano is shipping with software version 1.0.

Source: iLounge
Via: iPod NN