Unofficial Google Map Replacement, ClassicMap, Pulled From App Store


Sorry to see you go, ClassicMap
Sorry to see you go, ClassicMap

It only took two days, but ClassicMap is no longer available on the Apple iTunes App Store. We reported on the app a couple of days ago, but now clicking on any iTunes link for the app returns a “No longer available in the US iTunes store,” which basically means it’s no longer for sale.

Luckily for you programmer types out there, the whole code source is still up on GitHub, as we mentioned yesterday.

The excitement we all felt about the return of even a limited functionality of Google Maps just underscores again the difficulty everyone many people have reported about Apple’s new Maps app in iOS 6. While many users find it works just fine, there’s a bit of “it’s good enough” in the commentary. No one is raving about Maps in iOS 6, but most of us are ok with it.

So, if you’re mourning the loss of a two-day-old app, feel free to hop over to developer Katsumi Kishikawa’s App Store page, where his other two apps are still available.

Via: Apple Insider