These iOS Mock Up Images Are Retro-Tastic, And Now We Want Them On Our iPhone [Gallery]



We just saw these linked over at The Loop by Jim Dalrymple, and just had to share. The designer who made the images above and below is Anton Repponen, and they were shared out by Chicago design firm Coudal Partners. We’ve reached out to Repponen via email, and will update this post with his response.

Seriously, though, these are fantastic images, and show a high degree of authenticity – just look at those 2D black and white patterns. It’s got to bring back a flood of nostalgia for anyone who used a Mac back then.

The images are entitled iOS ’86, which is the year that Mac OS 1.0 came out. What a brilliant combination of the old and new, to put this imagery of Apple’s first OS on a device that carries around its latest?

Be sure to head over to the full set of images on Repponen’s site.

Source: Anton Repponen
Via: The Loop

  • djkikrome

    I would love to have these on my phone. Apple will never go for this though.

  • Aaron Baha

    Its on Cydia. It goes by the name of “iOS86”

  • nikster

    reason. to. jailbreak.

  • nikster

    Its on Cydia. It goes by the name of “iOS86”

    Screenshot for iOS86 looks similar, but not the same – some icons are inverted, others are different. Maybe one inspired the other?

  • GrangerFX

    These images make me imagine a $20 e-paper very low power iOS device that we could afford to lose. The kind of thing you could leave on the table if you had to get up at a restaurant or leave in plain sight on a car seat. It would be perfect for reading or listening to a pod cast with ear pods.