This Surreal Music Video Shows A Bizarre Alternative Version Of Steve Jobs Founding Apple Computers


In the real world, as related in Walter Isaacson’s biography, the name of Apple Computers came when Steve Jobs was one one of his fruitarian diets, and was inspired to name his company after coming back from a mysterious commune in Oregon called “the Apple Orchard” because it sounded “fun, spirited and not intimidating.”

In an alternate dimension filled with psychadelic bio-horror, though, what if Steve Jobs named his company Apple because he bit into an Apple and cut his mouth on a microchip inside, after which he began to be haunted by squiggling, biomechanical creatures with lurid, prehensile appendages strung together from silicon and copper wire.

The latter is the origin of Apple Computers as conveyed in Ryan Patrick’s new music video for Miike Snow’s “Pretender,” and while it may seem all a bit surreal, behind the best surrealism is another way of looking at the truth. Our friend Mark Wilson says over at FastCo. Design that maybe the best way to summarize Jobs’s life story is “as a gifted wild child who earnestly searched life for meaning and found computers.” Weird as it is, that’s what the video to “Pretender” is about too.

Via: Fast Co. Design

  • mr_bee

    I don’t get it. Dirty, hobo boy from low-class trailer-trash family bakes pies? WTF? And why does the beautiful girl go out with Mr. Smellypants anyway?

    Always a problem when the video on your music video is far more interesting than the music also.

  • Brianna Wu

    It’s a cool video, but I’m really disturbed by someone barely dead for a year being used like this.

  • Len Williams

    Artsy and well-filmed but pointless, disjointed and with no discernible plot with any kind of even bizarre rationality. Microchips growing inside Apples? There’s not even a suggestion of how this could have happened. How about a 5 second backstory showing an alien machine flying by Earth spewing out electronic “seeds” — see, I thought that one up in a couple of seconds, which gives at least an effort at making the “story” hang together. How did the girl he meets at the bar have some electronics growing out of her hair? There’s not even an attempt at providing any cohesion. It’s simply bad story telling where the author is looking for “weird” but has no idea that he has to at least attempt some kind of plausibility in order to get the “buy in” factor from his audience.

  • robert_walter

    Summary: Stupid exploitive music vid can’t save lousy boring music; 1 fan at CoM.

  • Jerry Mac

    The music in the video sucked, puts me to sleep and I don’t get the plot of the video or was there one?

  • dcj001

    @John Brownlees

    The name of the company was never Apple Computers.

  • nyknicks

    To Len Williams –

    Clearly, only one side of your brain functions.

  • Flu Guy

    Yep – pointless and lame.

  • Bruce Schrock

    Dafuqe did i just watch?