iCork iPad Case Is Bulky But Practical. Kinda



Cork: soft, sustainable, impact-absorbing, grippy and nice to look at and touch. Who wouldn’t want to use it as an iPad case? The answer, in the case of the iCork from Pomm design, is anyone who like their iPad storage to be thin.

The case is not only fat but big, with its chiseled edges tapering away from the iPad for an extra few miles around the iCork’s perimeter. Still, if you drop it it will most likely bounce.

To get the iPad out of the case you just push into the hole conveniently carved out over the top of the home button, which also means that you can quickly and easily wake the iPad and use its battery power without even realizing it.

Want one? Really? Well, ok. You can pre-order an iCork now for November delivery, and it’ll cost you €55 (including a Pomm Tote bag). Wait until November and you’ll pay €60, or $75, depending where on the world you

Source: pomm* design studio

Via: Yanko Design

  • SamuelBrock

    From the picture, it looks like the home button’s supposed to be on the open side rather than at the top.

  • PommDesign

    hi, Charlie!

    you can check POMM’s iPad cork case at behance network:

    note the dimensions: 260 mm long x 216 mm width x 26 mm height.
    weight is approximately 300 grams.

    The case isn’t bulky, yet, our goal was to design a case (a very nice case ;) ) that can protect the iPad against falls – thus it is necessary to have some thickness – maximum thickness varies between 12 and 24mm.

    and the home button is supposed to be on open side – though you can use it the other way around.

    We put a lot of effort on this product and we’re proud of it – hope everyone likes it – and hope that Cult of Mac readers like (and buy it) our iCork case.


  • TylerHoj

    It’s got a solid design behind it, but that’s about it. Maybe it could be used to store your iPad at night? I know I’m always paranoid about my iPad standing in the dock all night because we have pets. Other than that though, I couldn’t image someone actually using this case when they’re out. Especially when the cork makes it look like something you’d find tucked away on a shelf at the dollar store.