Free Up Space In Your iCloud Backup Right From Your Mac [OS X Tips]


iCloud Storage Options

Running out of storage space in iCloud? I don’t blame you. Since iCloud keeps backups of your Mac and/or iOS files, the free space can fill up pretty darn quick. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to manage right from your Mac, letting you deal with the backup data from both Mac computers and iOS devices you might have connected to iCloud with your iTunes account.

First, launch System Preferences from either the Applications folder or the Apple menu. Or the dock, if you prefer and have it set up that way. Click on the iCloud icon and then hit the Manage button in the lower right hand corner of the resulting preference pane. Click on the type of data you want to manage in the left column. Click on Backups if you want to see all the stuff iCloud is saving for you from your iOS devices. Click on the name of the Application, like Pages, to see what iCloud is holding for you from that app.

Once you click on the actual backup data in the right column, you can hit the Delete button, down in the lower left. You can delete as many of these as you want, but understand that if you don’t have a local backup, these files will be gone for good.

Another route here is to just buy more iCloud storage. Just click on the Change Storage Plan button in the upper right and increase your iCloud storage size. You can choose 10G for $20 a year, 20G for $40 a year, and an extra 50G for $100 per year, if you should want.

Via: OS X Daily