Mess With Your Friends: Vlock is an Android-Like Clock on Your iPhone 5 (Plays Background Videos Too) [Daily Freebie]



Just retooled for the iPhone 5, Vlock is a free app that displays a bold Android-ish clock, with date, on your iPhone. It’ll also let you play videos through the clock in a kind of video version of the iPad’s Picture Frame mode, complete with loop and transitions. Combine this with the app’s lockscreen feature, and you’ve got a faux animated Android-y lockscreen. All without a jailbreak.

I think the clock looks pretty neat; looks great on the iPad (Vlock is a Universal App), and at the very least it’s another option besides the stock clock — without having to jailbreak your device.

Some big downsides: You’ll lose the pop-up audio controls, though music can still play in the background. Also, playing anything other than the stock hyperspace-like video — like, say, videos you’ve shot on your device — requires a $1 in-app purchase. There’s also some weird clipping on the edge of the clock, like it was stuck too close to the screen’s border (on the iPad, anyway). And, of course, it’s not a real lockscreen, so hitting the power button will background the app — and you’ll lose the effect until you launch it again. Still, it’s a groovy little app, and it’ll mess with your friends’ heads — definitely worth checking out.

UPDATE: Johnny Ixe, the app’s developer, points out that the clipped font is indeed deliberate, as it mimics Typophone4, a popular lockscreen skin for jailbroken iPhones (Obviously, I don’t jailbreak much). 

  • mr_bee

    This article is misleading, as is the description of the app. You have to read the comments of the first foolish person to buy this PoS before you realise what a rip-off it is.

    It doesn’t work on the lock screen, (despite both the article and the app description implying that it does), and it’s “freemium” instead of free which means it basically does nothing until you pay for the option to make it do what it originally advertises that it does.

    Misleading, deceptive nonsense. Not only is this not a good app, it should probably be removed from the app store for fraud.