Today’s Camera Phones Are Better Than The Compacts Of Five Years Ago


According to the sensor-studying pixel peepers at DxOMark, cellphone cameras have already surpassed the compact cameras of five years ago in terms of image quality. Amazing.

Like the iPhone 5, most of today’s competitive smartphones sport a camera with a sensor of at least 8megapixels. This is a far cry from one of the world’s first mass-produced camera cellphones, the Sharp-made J-SH04, which had a sensor resolution of 110,000 pixels, or just 0.1-Mpix.

I still own the all-metal Canon Powershot G9 and consider it to be a high-end camera. Or I did until today when I found out that the Nokia 808 takes better pictures. Good luck using it to hammer in a nail, though.

Source: [DxOMark]

Via: [PetaPixel]

  • Tim Meesseman

    This might be true in optimal conditions, but handheld cameras from 5 years ago are still better with poor lighting and they have optical zoom.

  • extra_medium

    They also have somewhat decent lenses that are vastly superior to what you’ll get on a cell phone. Pro quality Nikons and canons dont have all that much in terms of megapixels either. This study seems to have been designed to generate attention for itself on tech blogs. I’m not sure what it has to do with Macs though.