Switch Directions When Shooting Panoramas With Your iPhone 5 [iOS Tips]


Mind. Blown.
Mind. Blown.

So, you know how to take a panorama photo with your new iPhone 5, right? Launch the Camera app, tap Options, then Panorama, and then point it at something suitably panoramic. An arrow appears on the left side of the iPhone 5’s screen, and you tap the shutter button, keeping the arrow centered between the two lines as you move your camera from left to right.

Guess what, though? You can do the very same thing from right to left. Revolutionary!

This may be the easiest tip in the world, but just tap on the darn arrow. It will flip itself over to the right side of your screen and allow you to tap the shutter button, and keep the arrow centered between the two lines as you move your iPhone from right to left.

Now you can take panoramic shots from either your right side or your left side, which can be helpful if you’re in an odd place, or can’t move your camera shooting angle to shoot from left to right.

Source: Macworld Hints

  • _mick_

    Thanks Rob, I was wondering about that.

  • Brooks Serigne

    Any tips to change the exposure? The middle of my photos are blown out. HELP

  • stevehutch

    Um… you can also do this on iPhone 4s as well.

  • diefldrmas

    You can also do panos in the vertical direction but you have to have a steady hand.

  • Analoger
  • Fishous

    “just tap on the darn arrow” – You don’t need to tap the arrow, tapping on the arrow OR anywhere to the right of it (or left when toggled) will toggle it.

  • djkikrome

    If you are capturing a panoramic photo, please show me ANY spot where you are unable to start from one direction. If you are finishing in that direction than you can obviously start from that spot. That line in this article just makes no sense. Doing this for preference, then okay. But doing this because you can’t go from left to right is just a stupid statement and excuse for this.