iPad Mini Case Manufacturers Stop Production After Newest Leaks Show Design Changes


Suppliers just can't make the iPad mini's rear shell fast enough, apparently.
Suppliers just can't make the iPad mini's rear shell fast enough, apparently.

Some design changes to the new iPad Mini that was revealed via photos of leaked parts has halted the production of iPad Mini cases of at least one major case manufacturer. We’ve seen numerous cases and physical mockups of the rumored iPad Mini, so it’s not clear which changes have caused the production delays.

According to Japanese site Macotakara, a large OEM mobile accessory maker noticed that the round shape of the iPad Mini has changed and they may have to drop their designs based on leaked iPad Mini parts.

Many case manufacturers gamble on what Apple’s new iDevices will look like based on the latest rumors and leaks, and start their production ahead of the official unveiling so they can get a jump on the competition. However, gambling on case designs doesn’t always pay off as many manufacturers learned with the iPhone 4S last year when it failed to come in a rumored tear-drop form factor.

It’s rumored that the iPad Mini will be unveiled at a keynote next week. Announcements for the keynote should go out tomorrow, so we’ll know by then whether or not the rumors of the iPad Mini have been accurate or not.

Source: Macotakara

  • jrirish

    Yowch, that’s rough. Well at least they didn’t keep on going up to the launch or anything. I have no idea about the form factor but here are my thoughts on other features the iPad Mini will likely launch with if anyone’s curious – http://bit.ly/SJG0hX