New iPod Touch Finally Shipping, Say Customers



Talk from around the internet says that the new iPod Touch is starting to ship to those who pre-ordered it. Several Apple customers are reporting that their orders are now en-route from China.

If you head to any of Apple’s online stores, though, the estimated shipping date for the new slimline Touch is still just marked as “October.” However, the existence of the Touch’s user manual on the iBooks store certainly lends credence to units actually getting into buyers’ hands sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 5 remains in short supply around the world. Here in Barcelona, Spain, the city-center Apple Store still has a sign telling customers that there’s no stock, and online orders are still pegged at 3-4 weeks.

Clearly demand is absurdly high. Between this, the iPod Touch and the probable iPad Junior (or iPad Mini, I guess), it looks like being a pretty good Christmas for Apple.