BBC Radio iPlayer App For iPhone



If you live in the UK, or if you know how to make your iPhone think that it’s in the UK, then you can now listen to BBC radio from a new dedicated app. It’s called iPlayer Radio, and it turns your high-tech, $700 pocket computer into a 1980s clock radio.

This, if you were wondering, is awesome.

Folks of a certain age, and of the right nationality (English), will remember spending their younger years falling asleep to 59 minutes of John Peel, 59 minutes being the default sleep timer on most clock radios, and John Peel being, well, the best thing on the radio ever.

Hours later, you’d wake up to some annoying zoo show, also on Radio One.

Now, with iPlayer Radio, you can listen live, tuning in by spinning the nostalgic on-screen dial, and wake up to the station of your choice. You can also, unlike real radio, stream and download already-broadcast shows. It also serves video clips, which seems rather redundant.

If you’re in the UK, then the app is free. Or rather, you already paid for it with your TV license fee. If you’re anywhere else — well, the BBC World Service works on any shortwave radio, or in your device’s web browser.

Source: BBC – Media Centre

  • AndyInRichmond

    Nice looking App – works well, but no Airplay support….

  • Cgs101

    The app is really good but you could already listen to bbc radio on the main bbc iplayer app ….

  • mr_bee

    No Airplay support. Also, does anyone really care about radio anymore? This isn’t 1935 after all.

  • Shaun Green

    No Airplay support. Also, does anyone really care about radio anymore? This isn’t 1935 after all.

    If you look at the figures radio has never been more popular. To quote Ofcom the UK governing body “Almost 90% of the UK population are regularly tuning into the radio, according to the latest industry figures.”

    I listen to the radio way more than I watch TV in the average day.

  • Richard_PA_USA

    Alas, doesn’t work in the USA. And alas, the BBC gave up on shortwave to North America back in 2001.

  • The_BORG

    Not in the US iTunes App Store. Boo!

  • Expatwat

    Great App, I’m working my way through the Desert Island Discs as we speak..

    BTW, although you need a UK login to download the app, once it is installed you can freely access the streams on a foreign network or WiFi :-)) Just ignore the request for your location!

  • Eric12

    Alas, like affordable healthcare, BBC Radio is unavailable in the US. :(

  • aaron32

    I’m using Unotelly to stream iPlayer from US. It’s working on radio too. I’ve learned about Unotelly here: