Retro Headphone With iPhone-Friendly Features



I-Mego’s Throne headphones will bring a big dose of retro styling to the sides of your head. While they pack almost every modern piece of tech you need, they look more like those old-style mics used by radio-announcers (radio announcers in movies at least) and blues crooners.

Specs-wise, you get a 1.2 meter cable (around four feet), a pair of 40mm drivers (which the product page says gives “strong bass”), an inline microphone for Siri-ing and phone calls, and an on-head weight of “0.62.” I’m assuming that this is 620 grams, as the rest of the specs are in modern-day metric. For those of you across the pond, that comes out at like 2.621 cups.

But this is really about the styling, and I can’t decide whether these are 1950s future-chic or 1980s retro-Cylon. But who cares, really? At $140, you could pick up a few pairs of Panasonic’s awesome sounding (and equally retro) RP-HTX7 cans.

Still, if you’re ready to shoot a remake of Metropolis and you need some ears for your False Maria costume, $140 might be pretty cheap.

Source: i-mego

Via: The Unofficial Apple Weblog