Pocket Planes Flys From iOS To Mac, Adds Cross-Device Game Sync And Exclusive Plane


PocketPlanes iOS

If you haven’t had the chance to play Pocket Planes on an iOS device, you really should. If, however, you live in a world where games cannot touch your iPhone or iPad (you poor, sad creature), then here’s some great news: Pocket Planes is coming to the Mac on Thursday.

Better yet, if you do own the game on your iOS device, you’ll be able to quit playing on your iPhone or iPad, and pick the game up on your Mac (or vice versa).

In addition, Nimblebit is including an exclusive plane for Mac purchasers called the X10 Mapple Pro, a class 1 plane that will carry two cargo and two passengers. According to Touch Arcade, it’s a little faster than the in-game Mohawk plane, and has a bit more range.

Pocket Planes puts you in charge of a small but growing fleet of commercial planes and starts you out running cargo and passengers from city to city. As the game continues, you earn cash for completed trips and can upgrade planes and even buy more routes to more cities, thus maximizing your revenue opportunities. It’s a time management game with a bit more strategy than is typical of the genre, with a pixellated retro look similar to Nimblebit’s other hit iOS game, Tiny Tower.

The developer has also launched a series of videos called Pocket Planes Shorts. The first one is below, and it’s pretty funny, even if you haven’t played the game, yet.

Source: Touch Arcade