Put Dashboard Widgets Into iOS-Style Folders In Mountain Lion [OS X Tips]


Widgets in folders.

So, when you use OS X Dashboard widgets for a while, chances are you’ll download a few of them that might fit together into categories. In OS X Mountain Lion, Apple set the “Add More Widgets” screen to look a lot like iOS, as we showed you in a previous tip. The cool thing is that you can create iOS-Style folders in here, too, and add a bunch of apps to one slot, thereby organizing your Dashboard in a similar way to that of an iOS device screen.

First of all, invoke the Dashboard with the key that you have set up in the Mission Control preference pane, found in the System Preferences app. I’ve got mine set to appear when I hit the F6 key.

Next, click on the little plus button in the lower left to go into “Add more widgets mode.” Then, just like on iOS, click and hold on any icon to get the wiggle effect. Drag one icon on top of another icon, and you’ll see the familiar folder effect, thereby creating a little folder for you. OS X doesn’t automatically name the folder for you, so you’ll need to do that when the folder is open and the icons are wiggling. Just click into the name of the folder to edit.

You can delete widgets you’ve added here, too, by clicking on the little x in the upper left corner of those apps.

Now you can put all those word game widgets in one folder and the weather widgets in another. Super cool!

Via: MacLife