$150 Mixing Bowl Doubles As iPhone Light Tent



Oh man. Just this weekend I was poking around my kitchen, trying to find a stand to turn the iPhone/iPad into a scanner. And then this morning I open up the internet and find this, the Nimbus Cloud Dome, a plastic light-diffusing bowl which could double as a receptacle for making cakes.

If you ever tried to snap photos of papers with your iPhone, you’ll be familiar with the frustrations. Your wobbly hands and inability to hold the iPhone level are the first problems. Then we get to lighting: when you’re close enough to fill the frame, you cast a shadow on the subject.

The Cloud Dome fixes all these. The bowl has a hole for the camera to peek through, and is translucent, acting as diffuser and giving even light to your subject, be it paper or tiny Warhammer diorama. An elastic strap hold any size of phone in place, probably even the six-foot wide Galaxy Note.

The kit also comes with a base, under which you can place another light source for super-professional-looking product shots.

It’s pretty neat, but even a dummy like me can see how similar it is to a white plastic bowl from the dime store. Which is why I shall be visiting that same dime store this afternoon, buying a bowl, chopping a lens-hole in the base and then spending the $149 I just saved on, well, on anything I like. That new Paperhite Kindle looks pretty neat. Or maybe I’ll make $149 worth of cupcakes before I put a hole in the bowl…

Source: Cloud Dome

Via: Andrew Liszewski

  • hanhothi

    Having problems taking a photo of papers with your iPhone? Well, it is a PHONE! Try using a real camera!

    It never ceases to amaze me that people expect to be able to do real photography with a bloody phone camera, I mean, come on!