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Neat, Slot-Together Notebook Stand Folds Down To Nothing



It has been brought to my attention that people still use laptop computers when they travel. Instead of tossing a keyboard in with their iPad and calling it good, these masochists lug along an entire MacBook with them, just to do some work.

For these people, the Stukk stand exists. It is super-light and folds up ultra-small, helping you to not break your shoulder as you lug your behemoth around with you, and can be quickly assembled to keep your hot-running machine cool. Or cooler, at least.

Laptops are — compared the the iPad — far from portable. Even the MacBook power brick weighs 237 grams, or more than half a pound, or the same as a lightweight iPad keyboard.


That said, if getting your work done on the go involves keeping several windows on-screen at once, whilst simultaneously searching for a power outlet and an open Wi-Fi point (is this what they mean by “multitasking”?), then you might like the Stukk, which slots together like a kids puzzle to make a sturdy white stand that raises the computer out of the coffee-spill zone, puts the screen at a more comfortable height and also lets the cool air waft around it.

Better still, the Stukk, from the Italian company of the same name, costs just €20, or around
Source: STUKK

Via: Apartment Therapy