Designer Announces Steve Jobs Tribute Desk, Gives Percentage Of Proceeds To Cancer Research


sj23 with logo

Kyle Buckner has been inspired by Steve Jobs his whole life, ultimately choosing a career in design due to the Apple founder’s influence.

Today, he announced a new tribute piece in honor of the first anniversary of Jobs’ passing: a specially designed desk, available in two colors from his website. The desks are a labor of love from Buckner that include a special Steve Jobs logo, designed specifically for this project. The result is a piece of furniture that’s both functional and beautiful, much like the product designs Buckner’s hero was a lifelong advocate for.

The desks are selling fro $999.99 apiece, with a portion of the proceeds going to The American Cancer Society. We took a few minutes to chat with Buckner via email.

Kyle Buckner began designing furniture in 2009, though he had an earlier art piece, a custom timepiece Cult of Mac wrote about at the time. He founded Kyle Buckner Designs shortly thereafter. “The world of furniture as I saw it was bland and boring,” he told us in an email exchange today. “I wanted people to feel connected to their furniture. Through an artistic focus and an uncompromising desire for quality, I hand-craft each piece of furniture to be an extension of my customer.”

Sound familiar?

Buckner says that he works today to marry modern design with technology into artistic furniture that can be used every day. He has created pieces for clients across the US as well as overseas. The current desks come with either a high-gloss black or white end panel, and an “SJ Tribute” logo that can be applied to the desk by the buyer. One is black with silver etching, while the other is silver with black etching; the choice is up to the purchaser.

“Other than that,” he said, “this project was really close to me. I wanted to design something very practical and simple, yet sleek and unique, in the honor of Steve Jobs. Each component is hand-made from the ground up and assembled right here in my Studio. I just don’t want people to think this is mass produced.”

The desks can be seen on Kyle’s website or Facebook page.

  • pfftsigh

    I wonder how all the sheep are going to feel when they realize their precious new iPad, only a few months old, will be replaced with a newer one in a few weeks. (And no I’m not talking about the iPad mini).

    Don’t you have something to do in your life than be concern on how other’s people spent their money and their choice of gadgets? Just buy what you think it’s great, we buy what we think it’s great. Why so insecure about it? Will your life be despair if we bought something that you don’t like?

    It’s obviously your talking about iPad mini. Aren’t you being hypocrite, ironic or forgetful that Androids have tons of new products every X months? And it’s smaller, there will be still people prefer the 10 inch iPad.

  • technochick

    I find this tacky. This desk is nothing special so they slap Jobs name on it and say a ‘portion’ of the money will go to charity. What does that mean 90%, 9%.

  • BigLama

    If there was anything overpriced, this is it!!! i dont get whats so special about the desks?! Besides the SJ print on it!!!

  • robert_walter

    If he said, several years from now, after being asked, what inspired the design, and then added years after the fact that he had donated a portion of the proceeds to charity, it would be an authentic and believable move.

    Given that this bubbles-up around the anniversary of SJ’s death, given the faux-SJ logo (can be added by customers? To avoid a suit?), given the black and white hyping of iPhone colors, given the use if the tried-true-and-overtired “a portion proceeds to charity” (rather than “all proceeds to charity”), given the co-opting of Jobsian-attributes concerning design and quality with a dash of ‘hand-assembled in my shop like SJ did with the original Apple’ (this last point clearly not-said as such, but said close enough that some, like me, might make that warm and fuzzy connection), this feels like shameless exploitation of SJ’s memory.

  • thegraphicmac

    I wouldn’t give you $10 for that ugly piece of sh¡t. In fact, I would pay you $10 to haul it off from the end of my driveway.

  • Shaun Green

    It’s 3 planks of wood stuck together. Where’s the design in that? These people come up with any old BS claptrap and get away with it. Anyone tempted to buy this should go buy an Ikea desk for a fraction of the price and give the change to the American Cancer Society directly. I’m sure it’s a very worthy cause.

  • bdkennedy

    Let me guess – the plastic part is supposed to be iPod-ish and the wood is supposed to be part of some awful GUI enhancement. If I set this out by the curb I’m not sure anyone would even take it for free.

  • morgan3nelson

    I wonder how all the sheep are going to feel when they realize their precious new iPad, only a few months old, will be replaced with a newer one in a few weeks. (And no I’m not talking about the iPad mini).

    How many Android Abortions are hoisted on the unsuspecting consumer each week? Go back to your hovel and marinade in your Apple-envy.

  • technochick

    I’m not talking about the iPad Mini

    Amusing that you are trying to troll by using an article from a site that is known to pull everything out of their butts since Apple cut them off after that iphone 4 incident as a source. And even your source poses it as a question and not a fact.

  • Gareth Edwards

    the sentiment is nice. the desk is average and the SJ badge looks like a monkey designed it.