Microsoft Starts Guerilla Surface Ad Campaign Near Chicago Apple Store




Microsoft is gearing up to launch Windows 8 really soon along with Windows 8 Phone and the Microsoft Surface to compete with the iPad. The Surface might even be released around the same times as Apple’s iPad Mini, which could make the tablet wars pretty interesting.

Getting a jump start on their Surface ad campaigns, Microsoft has littered urban areas with guerrilla Surface ads and the lastest ones have been placed near a highly trafficked Apple Store in the Lincoln Park area of Chicago.

The ads were first spotted by Yoni Heisler at Network World while he was riding the bus. Heisler notes that the advertisements are placed on the side of a dingy car wash parking lot and that the Microsoft logo is barely visible to people passing by.

Apple’s Lincoln Park Store is located just across the street from the advertisements, but it’s not as though many consumers know what the Surface is, or are holding off on purchasing an iPad before they try a Surface in real life, so maybe the location is just a coincidence. Or maybe Microsoft is trying to raise a secret Surface army? Who knows.

Source: Network World

  • Whodakat

    From a purely business standpoint its going to be a fail for Microsoft, if their intended market is Apple customers. I think they should be targeting Android users. Android followers are the ones that want some thing different and no matter how many times you flash a boot loader, gridded icons are still gridded icons. Windows Live Tiles are the first thing that actually seem different. Personally, I’m not into what I perceive to be gimmicky changes but tons of people are, and that should be Microsofts target. Once they gain some market share and people see the OS and the hardware are good, then you can start draining off iPhone users. As much as people hate it, most iPhone users are infatuated with their devices and aren’t looking to change.