3D Tower Defense Game, Sanctum, Gets Free Update – New Maps, New Towers, New Gun


New Sanctum Patch

Coffee Stain Studios announced a new update for its 3D tower-defense game, available for Mac on Steam for $9.99. The new update is named “Still Alive,” and includes two new towers and a new weapon. A new map pack is available, as well, cleverly named “Sanctum – Map Pack 2.” This adds three new levels, each new environment containing its own set of challenges and strategies for winning.

Sanctum takes the standard tower defense game and brings you into the action with a zoomable 3D perspective. You must place towers of differing power types along the route of aliens intending to destroy your space ship, upgrading them as the waves of enemy creeps grow more voluminous and stronger with each successive defeat.

The new towers include the Drone and Accelerator tower types, and the new gun, which your avatar carries around to help defeat waves of baddies, is called the Tesla Gun. Guess what it shoots?

While the update with the new towers and gun are free, the Map Pack 2 will run you $3.99 on Steam, a discount of 20% off the normal price to celebrate the new update release.

This weekend is a free to play weekend for Sanctum, as well. From October 11 – 14, Sanctum will be free to play on Steam, while the entire $18.99 Sanctum Collection, which includes the game, both map pack expansions, and a soundtrack, will be selling for 75% off. That’s a nice deep discount, for sure.

Sanctum is a heck of a fun time, and adding the first person shooter perspective brings a whole new, er, dimension, to some great tower defense gameplay. The sci-fi setting is just a bonus for an already compelling game.

Source: Steam