Remembering The Life And Works Of Steve Jobs On Our Newest CultCast



Hey, you know what’s getting a bad rap these days? Apple Maps! Sure, the app’s got issues, but it’s not all bee stings and bug bites, and on this episode of The CultCast, we’ll tell you exactly why some of us actually love the new Google usurper.

And then, with the anniversary of his death on Oct. 5th, we remember the life and works of Steve Jobs; ponder why the things he touched all turned to gold; and examine the price he paid for conquering the world of tech.

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CultCast #35 – Remembering Steve

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  • MarcWilson73

    Heard you talking about the lack of Lightening adapters in the podcast and wondered why you were only mentioning one type of adapter when there are two that Apple make.

    Turns out that what you might not know is that us over here in the UK (and the rest of Europe) can buy a tiny Lightening to Micro USB adapter that Apple doesn’t sell in the US!

    Here it is, priced at £15 which is around $24:

    I think it has something to do with an EU law that says all mobiles must be able to be able to use USB. Thing is that this tiny adapter also works with my car stereo the same as my old 30-pin iPhone 4 did, with no lost of functionality.

    You need to put pressure on Apple US to get them to sell them over there or befriend someone over this side of the pond. :-)