Vox Amphones Are Like Little Guitar Amps For Your Ears



Vox’s Amphones is a pretty neat little range of headphones. Named for “amp” and “headphones.” they combine the two. Thus, you just jack the cans direct into your guitar and enjoy various effects as you play.

There are four models, all made by Audio Technica, and all mimicking a certain Vox amp, or a particular guitar sound.

The AC30 sounds like the AC30. Nuff said. The Twin “simulates the sound of a famous US-made clean guitar amp.” My guess would be a Fender. Lead is more slippery in its definition (“lead guitar sounds ranging from UK-made amps to US-made high-gain
boutique amps”), but Bass is a clone of the Vox Ac100 amp.

All of these headphones double as regular, clean cans so you can use them to listen to music and podcasts, and they also have a variety of effects like chorus, delay and (on the Bass model) a compressor, and youu can even hook pipe music into them whilst playing along to it by using an aux-in socket.

Price? $99 a pair when they go on sale later this mon

Source: VOX

Thanks: Kristen!