Untold Stories About Steve Jobs Surface From His Old Friends And Colleagues



Steve Jobs was always a deeply private individual. Even though he gave Walter Isaacson access to his life for the official Steve Jobs biography there are a lot of stories about Steve that have never been told.  With the anniversary of Steve’s death coming this Friday, October 5th, a collection of untold Steve Jobs stories coming from friends and colleagues has been rounded up by Forbes.

One of the funnier stories in the collection comes from Randy Adams, former Apple and NeXT employee. Adams and Jobs both bought Porsche 911s during the early days of NeXT and parked next to each other at the front of the office to avoid car-door dings. Then one day Steve came rushing in and told Adams he needed to hide his Porsche.

One day Jobs rushed over to Adams’ cubicle and told him they had to move the cars. “I said, ‘Why?,’ and he said, ‘Randy, we have to hide the Porsches. Ross Perot is coming by and thinking of investing in the company, and we don’t want him to think we have a lot of money.’”

They moved the cars around to the back of NeXT’s offices in Palo Alto, Calif. and Perot invested $20 million in the company in 1987 and took a seat on the board.

All the of the untold stories are full of little Steve Jobs insights, so head over to Forbes and check them out.

Source: Forbes

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