Icon-Like Handset Turns iPhone Into Deskphone



Remember those novelty retro cellphone handsets? The ones with curly cords that attached to your handset’s proprietary connector and made it look like you were making a call on a rotary telephone circa 1970? In the pub?

Well, the Swissvoice ePure is something like that, only more useful, and way, way cooler looking.

The ePure is a dock for your iPhone (for the “next-generation iPhone,” aka. the iPhone 5, you should buy the USB version) which both charges it and connects to it via Bluetooth.

This offers the best of many worlds. You get to use your iPhone to place calls from your desk, but you get the comfort of a full-sized handset, and your iPhone gets charged at the same time. Also, you don’t have a Bluetooth twat-dongle dangling from your earhole, and the tin-foil-hatters can avoid getting their brains microwaved by cellular radiation.

Everyone’s a winner.

Except your boss, that is, who you will be convincing to buy this for you once you learn the price: $150 for the dock-equipped model, $140 for the USB one.

Source: Swissvoice

Thanks: Adrienne!