Truly Gorgeous Felt And Leather iPad Bag With Truly Ugly Price



I'm a sucker for bags, and — like TV's Dexter — I have come to be at peace with my darker side (I'm just starting season 4 though, so maybe he gets all crazy after becoming a father and everything). I realize that no matter how many sleeves, totes, backpacks or messenger bags I buy, it will never be enough.

I haven't yet started bagging up the old, discarded models and tossing them into the Gulf Stream to be carried off to a watery grave far away, but it can't be long. In the meantime, help talk me down from dropping almost $200 on this simple but gorgeous wool and leather sleeve.

It's called the Felt Sling Bag, and the maker — Carga — somehow thinks that these ex-animal coatings are worth $195 when combined into just the right shape. And I'm inclined to agree. The felt sack is lightweight, as are the aluminum rivets holding it together, and the leather strap matches an internal leather pocket plus another pocket around the back.

I also like the vertical, "portrait" configuration, which makes for a much more comfy bag when it hangs on the hip.

But is it worth $195? In materials alone, no. But in style, and in the timeless longevity of its design, maybe.

Source: CARGA

  • Brianna Wu

    Women spend $200 on bags all the time. If you like the design, go for it! There’s no accessory you get more use out of than a well-made accessory bag.

    That said, I prefer black leather. The design of this bag does not appeal to me, personally. But, the point of fashion is to make the wearer feel confident.

  • Jan Schröder

    I totally got the same problem.
    Somehow bags are special things to collect.
    In that case, go for it. For a well made bag 200 sounds good.

    I myself am struggling of buying a – hard graft 2unfold – which looks just perfect to me. Maybe for you, Brianna, as well… dark grey leather! But that one is way more expensive with its 480 GBPounds !