Why The PC Is Dead: Five Years Of iPhone Benchmarks [Chart]


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In a post by Jeff Atwood over at the excellent Coding Horror, there’s this brilliant chart showing the “hyperbolic performance improvement” of the iPhone since it first debuted in 2008. As Jeff points out, in just five years, the iPhone has seen a factor of 20 performance improvement in Browsermark and a factor of four improvement in GeekBench, at least doubling performance every year.

Atwood’s conclusion is incredibly well-stated: “The PC is over … at least in the form that we knew it. We no longer need giant honking laptop and desktop form factors for computers any more than we need entire rooms and floors of a building to house mainframes and minicomputers.”

I’m still a die-hard MacBook Air defender, but Cult of Mac has writers who file everything from the iPad. Atwood’s right: with the kind of performance we’re now seeing in iPhones and iPads, almost no one actually needs a desktop or even a laptop. The exceptions are the outliers, where as recent as four years ago, they were the status quo.

Source: Coding Horror

  • philbert81

    They forgot to include the first gen iphone (2G).

  • 16Paws

    They forgot to include the first gen iphone (2G).

    The iPhone was introduced in 2007. There have been 5 years of iPhones, but the iPhone 5 is the 6th iteration.

  • CharilaosMulder

    It is true that iOS will soon be able to replace traditional computers, and already does so in some cases. But let’s not forget it’s highly dependent on the software, too. And that graph won’t continue to grow that way. That’s just Moore’s law on crack.

  • TheKnightWhoSaysNi

    Let’s not get carried away.
    I love my smartphone, but there are many tasks at which a PC is much better.