Former MobileMe Users Find Free 20GB iCloud Storage Extended Until 2050



When Apple was doing its damnedest to kick people out of MobileMe in June this year and get them to use iCloud instead, one of the incentives they gave the soon-to-be disposessed was a free offer that former MobileMe members would get 20GB of iCloud storage gratis, instead of the 5GB Apple gives the rest of us suckers. But it was only for a limited time, until September 30, 2012.

Looks like Apple may have extended their offer, though. Some iCloud usersare now noticing that they’ve got 25GB of iCloud storage to play around with until September 30, 2050, when their free 20GB should have been snatched away from them yesterday. Even more interesting is that some non-MobileMe users are seeing the same deal, and have found themselves getting a free 20GB bump in storage.

You can see if you’ve had the same luck by going to Settings > iCloud > Account on your iOS device. Regular iCloud users who haven’t signed up for more storage should only see a Free 5GB plan, but some former MobileMe users (and, weirdly, even some people who never used MobileMe, according to TUAW) are seeing an additional 20GB attached to their free 5GB plan, which won’t expire for another thirty eight years.

There clearly seems to be a bug in Apple’s MobileMe transitioning process, which is somehow catching some users who never made the MobileMe-to-iCloud jump in its net as well as failing to take away the 20GB MobileMe users were promised at the alotted time.

One thing I think is very unlikely, as TUAW suggests, is that Apple is giving people 20GB of free iCloud storage space to apologize for iOS 6 Maps. Maybe they should, but that’s not what this is.

Did you get a free 20GB of iCloud space from Apple? Is your free 20GB from MobileMe still working? Let us know in the comments.

Source: TUAW