Fix Save As Yet Again With OS X Mountain Lion [OS X Tips]



Remember, way back in July, when we told you how to bring Save As… back to OS X Mountain Lion? Basically, we showed you how to add an Application shortcut to the Edit menu, and then create a keyboard shortcut to invoke it.

The problem with that helpful advice, though, is that it modified both the original file and the newly saved file if you’ve changed stuff before invoking the Save As function.

However, now with OS X 10.8.2, you can fix this behavior. It’s really quite easy–here’s how.

Open a file in an app like TextEdit. Make some changes in that file, once you’ve saved it at least once. If you try this on the first Save, you won’t see the checkbox.

Now, hit Command-Shift-S, or go to the File Menu and choose Save As… The dialog box should look something similar to the screenshot above. See that little checkbox there? It reads, “Keep changes in original document.” Uncheck the checkbox next to it, and then hit Save. Your new saved document will contain the changes, while your original document will not.

You’ll need to uncheck that box once for each application on your system. Once you do that, then, you won’t have to uncheck it again in that app.

Now we’ve come full circle and fixed OS X Mountain Lion to work the way we want it to, rather than the other way around. Hooray!

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Via: OS X Daily