Set Up Multiple Signatures In iOS 6 The Right Way [iOS Tips]


iOS 6 Signatures

So, hey, guess what? You can now set up more than one signature in the new iOS 6 Mail app for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Each email account you have set up will allow you to have a specific signature attached to just that email address.

So, from now on, you can have “–Sent from my iPhone 5” for your personal email, and your professional information sent out whenever you use your email from work. You can create a signature for that secret Yahoo! email account you keep for special purposes, and your boss will ever see it.

Here’s how.

Tap your Settings app to launch it, then select Mail, Contacts, Calendars. You may have to scroll down a bit, even if you’re on the longer iPHone 5 screen. Now scroll down to where you see the Signature option and tap it.

The two options on the top are All Accounts or Per Account. If you tap to enable the former, you’ll have one signature across all your email accounts. If you tap on Per Account, you’ll get options below to create a signature for each email account on your iOS device.

Now when you create or send an email from any of these specific accounts, you’ll have the added satisfaction of knowing that the signature is appropriate to the people you’re communicating with. Unless, of course, they’re all inappropriate signatures, you sly dog, you.

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  • Rowanova

    This is not possible on my VZW iPhone 4 running iOS 6. Only allows 1 signature, and it appears it would be the same on all email accounts, or no signature for any account.