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It Takes A Lot Of Water To Kill An iPhone 5 [Video]


What a waste of good coffee.
What a waste of good coffee.

If you’ve ever managed to spill liquid on an electronic device, then you’ll know that it doesn’t take too much to kill them completely; liquid and electronics simply do not mix. But you might be surprised by how well your iPhone 5 fares when it comes into contact with its biggest enemy.

In an effort to push the iPhone 5’s incredible built quality to its limits, the guys over at Android Authority have put it through a few simple “torture tests.” In the first, the iPhone 5 is subjected to a cup of hot coffee, while in the second, it’s thrown into a plastic bag full of keys, coins, and other sharp objects. Finally, Apple’s fastest-selling smartphone was submerged in a fish tank full of water for 15 seconds.

The results are surprising. After the first test, in which I was expecting would kill the iPhone completely, the device held up incredibly well, and after a quick wipe down with a few paper towels, it was functioning as normal. It probably smelled a bit funny, but it worked.

In the second test, the iPhone 5 does well again — coming out of the bag relatively unscathed, with a few “minor” marks on its aluminum back panel. This is reassuring to those who throw their device into their pocket with all sorts of other objects.

In the third test, the iPhone finally gave in. It actually came out of the water functioning pretty well, but after a short while, its display started to become unresponsive. It was then thrown in a box of sand for 24 hours in an effort to dry out its internals, but it failed to startup the following day.

Despite meeting its demise, I think the iPhone 5 did pretty well in these tests. I’ll bet a lot of other smartphones wouldn’t have made it past the first one. Even the guys at Android Authority admitted that “the bar has been raised,” and that “Android manufacturers are going to have to create better quality devices from here on in if they want to compete with the iPhone 5.”

Of course, it goes without saying that none of these things should be tried at home. Your iPhone 5 may not last as long as the one in the video, and these tests will almost certainly void its warranty.

Source: Android Authority


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