Is AOL’s ‘Clucks’ The Next Big Social Media Craze? [Daily Freebie]


I’ve never actually played Taboo (which is apparently massively popular; shows you just how much I get out); so when Clucks‘ PR guy referred to this new game as “video Taboo for iPhone,” my reaction was: Huh? So I looked up the game on Wikipedia (and finally realized that I had, indeed, heard of Taboo before), and it turns out that’s a perfect description for Clucks. But he might have called it “the next big social media craze on the iPhone,” because that might turn out to be an even better description.

The idea behind Clucks looks pretty simple. You simply ping one of your Facebook friends (Face book appears to be the only social media platform you can choose friends from in Clucks); you’re then given a random word, and your friend is tasked with guessing the word from a video you’ve sent him or her describing the word. Oh, and there’s a list of taboo words you can’t use while describing the word you were given (hence the original board game’s name). Video rolls as your friend tries to guess, and you can watch her responses as she’s trying to guess. Hilarity ensues, and you can then post both clips, split-screen style, to Facebook or Viddy.

Looks really slick, and it’s a great way to leverage the growing role of video in social media. And I’m obviously not the only one to think so, because the game has the involvement of Sony Pictures — you’ll apparently be able to guess words from famous actors in bonus rounds. And it’s free, so definitely worth checking out