How Much Better Is The iPhone 5’s Display Vs. The iPhone 4? This Pic Says It All



In a single magnified image, photographer and Retinal neuroscience Bryan Jones perfectly captures the incredible increase in display quality from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5.

Jones put the iPhone 5 display under a stereomicroscope and photographed the pixels of the display with a Canon 1D MKIII, then compared the photo one made under the same conditions of the iPhone 4’s display.

The difference is incredibly obvious even to an untrained eye. Yeah, sure, they’re both Retina displays… but the pixels of one of them look murky and blurred, while the pixels on the other look like bright, colorful Christmas lights photographed in a vacuum. Incredible.

Source: Jonesblog
Via: iSmashphone

  • Tao Jones

    i went today to an att store and compared the same shot taken with an i phone 4 and an i phone 5 and not only is it astoundingly sharper in the display but the color was much better on the 5 (i am fussy i have done color correction for magazine publication)

  • lowtolerance

    What’s really amazing is that the 4S’s display is still one of the best displays available, but the iPhone 5’s display is so good that it makes the 4S look kind of crappy in comparison.

  • Eric

    The display on my 4S still wow’s me to this day. The display is far from being the selling point for me. You can only build something to the limitations of the human eye. It may be better, but to the naked (trained or untrained) eye it won’t make a difference. The display on the 4 and 4S pushed those limits already.

  • Christopher Walters

    For $700 I think I can get by with my old 4S.

  • John Frum

    Two words: brightness setting.

  • Martin Masson

    Isn’t the iPhone 4S screen a bit deeper that the iPhone 5? Since the digitizer is now embeded in the LCD glass to make it thinner… The len’s focus should be adjusted to take that into account…

  • mr_bee

    They might be better in theory, but the colours on mine are all shifted quite strongly towards the yellow. Kind of ugly really. I am just hoping its some temporary thing at this point. the sad thing is the whites look white so I don’t think it’s the typical yellow screen problem, I think this is actually the way it is.