iCloud.com Is Still Using Google Maps To Find Your iPhone



If you ever lose your iPhone 5 and have to track it down using iCloud.com’s Find My iPhone web app you can at least rest assured that you’ll have the best mapping data available to track it down, because iCloud.com is still using Google Maps.

Even though Apple has switched the Find My iPhone iOS app to use Apple Maps, their website is still using Google Maps to provide location information on lost devices. Users can log in to iCloud.com and go to Find My iPhone to see where there devices are located on a Google Map rather than Apple’s new map app that users have complained about.

We’re not sure if this is an oversight on Apple’s part, or if they just haven’t created a web solution for their new maps software to work with iCloud.com. We reached out to Apple this morning to see if they plan to stop using Google Maps for iCloud.com in the future, but we have yet to receive word back from them. We’ll keep you updated if we do.

Via: Reddit