Inside The Other Steve’s Brain



My old colleague Rob Beschizza, who recently abandoned for BoingBoing Gadgets, has a brilliant parody of my new book, Inside Steve’s Brain. The treacherous bastard writes:

“It’s hard to believe that one man revolutionized the operating system business in the 2000s, converting Windows’ extraordinary market dominance into the reviled seven-year ditch that is Vista, and squandering billions on confused advances into ill-understood peripheral markets like video gaming and music hardware

….’s Leander Kahney cuts through the salt-ringed tide marks that surround him to unearth secrets to his unbelievable results. It reveals the real Steve.”


  • leigh

    Well you know what they say, you’re not anybody until you’ve been satirized.

  • fuzzy

    I love the lens flare on his forehead. +!