Create Your Own Passbook Coupons And Cards With People’s Card



iOS 6's Passbook app isn't just for big-business companies to use. Yes, you'll be able to use it to check in to your flights, and to get discounts at your favorite international coffee chain, but now mom and pop stores, your local food cart or even a stall at the local flea market will be able to offer you coupons and membership, using a new free app called People's Card.

The app is simple, and looks rather polished. Fire it up and pick the kind of card you want to create, including event tickets, coupons, membership cards or a business card.

You can customize the template, changing colors and adding photos (there's even a built-in photo editing section to polish pics before publishing), and include maps, phone numbers and any other info you might need.

Distribution is done via the usual methods: Facebook, Twitter, email, and even by displaying a QR code on the screen of the iPhone for somebody else to scan. And each card can be given its own QR barcode to be scanned at checkout or wherever it'll be used.

Simple, to the point, and with pretty professional looking results. What's not to like? Even the price is good: $0. Combine this with the Square credit card reader and you'll be every bit as professional as the big boys.

People's Card


  • FriarNurgle

    Why this functionality isn’t native to this app is beyond me. Pretty big oversight on apple’s part but huge kudos to the developers behind People’s Card.

    Ok… maybe I spoke too soon. Can’t get it to recognize any of my cards.

  • FriarNurgle

    Oh and also you only get to make one card. In app purchase for others. Great idea though.

  • John Branham

    this should have come in Passbook. I should be able to add my YMCA, Safeway, Library cards to it no problem. I don’t see what was stopping them from doing that. I’d prefer to have store cards on there without having to have their app downloaded too.

    And like @Friarnurgle said, in app purchase for more than one card? hell no.

  • Dave Morgan

    You can create passes on the desktop using PassKit ( Personally I find creating on a desktop easier because I skip the hassle of getting my images onto the iPhone.

  • TheSocialAndrew

    When you share a printable coupon on you can turn it into a Passbook coupon then send it to your phone. There are hundreds of Passbook coupons there to browse through.