Tiny Dongle Turns Hotel Ethernet Into Hotel Wi-Fi



You're in a hotel room, and you want to hook up to the in-room Wi-Fi. And guess what? It sucks, just like at every other hotel you ever stayed at. So Instead you dig out your MacBook and hook it up to the hotel's Ethernet cable, and use internet sharing to generate your own wireless network.

Wait… The newest MacBooks Air don't have Ethernet ports. But don't worry: you can pick up the $60 mySpot from Kanex, a little dongle which takes an Ethernet connector and turns its sweet network payload into a wireless cloud, ready for all your iDevices and your non-Ethernet MacBook Air.

Yes, you could use an AirPort express to do the same thing, but it's bigger and more expensive, and if you use it for AirPlay duties at home you're going to have to reconfigure it every time you want to make a hotel network.

The mySpot is powered by USB, so of you're using a computer you can just jack it into the side. Otherwise, your iPhone charger will do just fine.

I'm actually tempted by this. Or I would be if my iPad's 3G connection wasn't faster than most hotel connections anyway. Available now.

Source: Kanex mySpot

  • dcborn61

    Will it work at hotels that require you to agree to terms first?

  • James Barnette

    but you still have to keep your notebook attached to the damn wall to power it.

  • extra808

    USB powered? That’s moronic. If you’re going to physically connect to the laptop for the sake of power, why not physically connect for the networking itself? Apple still sells their 100Mbit USB adapter, they now have their Gigabit Ethernet Thunderbolt adapter, and there’s at least one 3rd party USB2 adapter that’s faster than Apple’s. Presumably someone will make a USB3 Gigabit Ethernet adapter soon. Both Apple Ethernet adapters are cheaper than this thing and if you want WiFi for other devices, turn your Mac’s Internet Sharing on.

  • John Branham

    or get an Airport Express? Sorry if i’m being dim, but I don’t see the difference between this and an Airport Express.

  • thorhammer

    You dont have to leave it plugged into your laptop, it can run off any usb power, could be a batt pack, or even a wall – usb adapter. Most of the wired jacks are near outlets anyways.

    Also, the airport express needs to be plugged into a modem, its bigger then an apple TV and needs AC power, and additional setup is required through the browser at the ip level to even use it.

    With the mySpot you could fit it in your pocket if you needed to, just plug and play to use, although you can set advanced settings in the browser, you dont HAVE to. Its more of a svelt access point and its 40$ less expensive.