Photoshop Elements 11



Adobe has launched new, simpler versions of its Elements editing apps for the desktop: Photoshop Elements (photos) and Premier elements (video). These are already cut-down versions of Photoshop and Premier, and are already simplified, but the newer versions go further still.

You know how camera makers are adding in-camera filter effects to their hardware to compete with smartphone apps like Instagram? Well, it seems that big software developers are doing the same, only for software. The new Elements apps not only dumb down their interfaces, they add a bunch of dorky FX:

A completely refreshed, user-friendly interface […] – includes easily-navigated Quick, Guided and Expert editing modes; one-click options; a helpful Action bar; and big, bold icons to help users get the most from their shots. [emphasis added]


New filters – Comic, Graphic Novel and Pen & Ink – inspire creativity by turning photos into stunning illustrations.

It's a tricky spot to be in. These apps cost $100 each (or $150 for the pair), which makes them cheap in terms of the full Adobe suite. But they're aimed at the kind of user who complains that a $1.99 iPad app is too expensive. What's more, Pixelmator, Snapseed and a host of other apps already do a great job on both iOS and OS X, and they cost a helluva lot less.

What was that you said? Lightroom, Adobe's flagship photo editing app, is just $150 on the App store? By golly you're right. Did you hear that, Adobe pricing department?

Source: Photoshop Blog

Thanks: Alexandra!

  • CharilaosMulder

    Pixelmator does the job. Really.