Want An iPhone 5 Tomorrow? Personal Pickup Starts At 10PM Tonight


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Did you want to get an iPhone 5 on Friday, only to find out that they’d been sold out? Word is that Apple will start taking personal pickup orders starting at 10pm tonight. You’ll have another chance soon.

Starting at 10 p.m., you’ll be able to just load up the Apple Store app on your iPhone, iPad, or online store, check your local store and if there are any iPhones available, purchase them for in-store pickup the following day. If you don’t pick up your iPhone 5 in twenty-four hours, your money will be refunded. If there are no iPhone 5s near you available for personal pickup, try again the next day.

With shipping dates having slid to mid-October for individuals ordering the iPhone 5 off of Apple.com, this is going to be the best way to get a device immediately. In fact, this is how I got my iPhone 4S last year around the busy Christmas season, so I can vouch it works. Get ready and download the app now.

Source: Apple Insider

  • FriarNurgle

    And yet there are still a ton of preorders that haven’t been delivered yet nor can the orders be cancelled.

    Can you tell I’m bitter about not getting my phone yet?

  • bdkennedy

    Is that 10pm PDT, or 10pm for each time zone?

  • donvy

    Can we use this option to purchase a “Device Only” iPhone 5?

  • peter_yogi

    they give me an option but i still can’t mark it ughhhh… i guess it wasn’t such a good idea to not wait in line.

  • haileymerkle

    Isn’t working for me :(

  • peter_yogi

    Isn’t working for me :(

    I’m on the phone with apple and they can’t seem to find a solution. This is crazy.

  • peter_yogi

    ughhh i got no help whatsoever. i can just go and pick up a galaxy s III at any att location without any problems! THIS IS RIDICULOUS, I used to be an apple person but now I know IT SUCKS!

  • Saturngoddess

    There are NO 16gb white iPhone 5’s at any Apple store near me that are available for pick up. What’s the point? Last year they did reservations but you didn’t have to pay for it ahead of time – but you did have a long wait in a line – and this was at least 3 weeks after it launched. Yikes.