24 Hours With iPhone 5: Hear Our First Impressions On Our Special Edition CultCast



Waiting for your shiny new iPhone 5 to arrive? Well we’ve been man-handling ours for the last 24 hours, and on our just-recorded Special Edition CultCast, we’ll tell you what we like, the stuff we don’t, and which one feature alone makes iPhone 5 a very worthy upgrade.

Think you can handle a full four inches of Apple iPhone? Download episode 33 of the CultCast and find out!

Note: Some of you have let us know that episode 33 is not yet showing up in iTunes. We’re not sure what’s taking so long, but if you subscribe to The CultCast on iTunes or with Apple’s Podcasts App, it downloads just fine.

  • Ryan Folks

    Thanks so much for doing this! I just listened to Thursday’s episode and was wondering how you all lucked out and liked your iPhone 5’s. Off to listen!