Apple Seeks Developers To Fix Its New Maps App Following Widespread Criticism


This kind of thing is all too familiar in iOS 6.
This kind of thing is all too familiar in iOS 6.
  • gnomehole

    I believe these job listings were already there well before iOS6 was released… so “in response too” the map whiners may not be accurate.

  • Marc Hutzell

    and it makes sense to replace a good app with an inferior app because?

  • FriarNurgle

    It’s like Japanese p0rn.

  • zackersetu

    Ok there are a few teething issues . But their agreement with Google ended. They are attempting to do their own thing. Its not perfect. But neither was Google maps. I want to start highlighting that!!! (it’s been a while that I’ve been moved to try and start something online-y… but the moaners have fundamentally Pee’d me off!!!

  • RaptorOO7

    Apple’s Maps does not match their typical quality for a product. That said if the story is true that Google has already submitted Google Maps for iOS6 and Apple is sitting on it then a) Apple is in deep shitz over it, b) customers will get angrier and c) there will be more Gov’t involvement in their life. Claiming “duplication of core functionality” is a bullshit statement. There are numerous Map apps available so they have no grounds to block it for that reason. They are blocking a competitor which will get them in trouble with the FTC.

    Release it and let the users decide what they want to use, its really that simple, now isn’t it!

  • BCE

    I could care less about either one. I never used google maps on my iPhone anyway. I found that Telenav was the best app for me. Maybe it gets it’s info from google, I don’t know, but it has led me down some backroads out in the middle of nowhere, with turn by turn directions, and has never gotten me lost.

  • hanhothi

    Apple Maps is not ready and should not have been released yet. Lets hope Google Maps app is released soon. I am not going to upgrade until it is. The truth is, on whatever platform Google’s maps are the best, they have been at that game for a long time and it will take a long time for Apple to catch up.

  • orangefan

    LOL. A company with ethical business practices would have fixed it before it shipped.

  • robert_walter

    Ummm shouldn’t they have done this hiring like one to two years ago?

    BTW, I hope that Apple will go to higher-res satellite imagery, I don’t like the fact that I can’t zoom in to smaller objects and have them be clearer than they are … large and foggy ain’t no kind of improvement!