Weirder Every Year: The History Of iPhone Launch Lines [Gallery]



June 24th, 2010 – iPhone 4

Even though iPhone 4 details leaked months before its launch, Apple still sold 1.7 million iPhone 4s the first weekend.
Apple employees kept cheering on customers.


iPhone 4 Man fought crime in the lines.

O2 in the UK sold out of units the first day.



October 14th, 2011 – iPhone 4S

People went crazy for the iPhone 4S and bought 4 million units the first three days of its release.
iPhone hats in Tokyo became popular.
Cult of Mac had funs with fans in San Francisco!
One Apple fan shaved his hair into a tribute to the recently deceased Steve Jobs.
This year Apple actually had both black and white units available on launch day.

September 21st, 2012 – iPhone 5

Fans wait outside a Seattle Apple Store for the iPhone 5.
Lines in the U.K. were ridiculously long this morning.
Apple’s expected to shatter last year’s launch day sales figures.


Woz lined up in Australia so he could be the first fan to have the iPhone 5.

The day’s not over yet, but fans across the globe are already enjoying their iPhone 5s.


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  • JorgeMaat

    As crazy as it may be, lining up for an iPhone launch is on my bucket list.

  • iPear

    Call me biased but I’ve never seen that much excitement for another device

  • Ryan Peterson

    I celebrated getting mine delivered this morning @ 9:52am, sadly the UPS lady wasn’t in the mood to high-five me as she had another 1500 delivers to make today…

  • nthnm

    At the store I got my iPhone from this morning (Future Shop, not Apple store), there were two other people and myself there when the store opened.

  • kyoutohru7

    Yup, I guess I’ve never seen any smartphone brand made that aside from them.